About the Federal Executive Board (FEB)



President Kennedy established Federal Executive Boards (FEBs) in 1961 by Presidential Memorandum. Since then, all subsequent administrations have supported FEBs and additional boards have been authorized. Today, there are twenty-eight FEBs serving major metropolitan areas across the nation. The Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board was established in 1963 and serves as the Federal presence in the Greater Los Angeles area representing approximately 24 Federal agencies.


  • Improve internal management practices and communications of the Federal government
  • Strengthen coordination of Federal activities by supporting and promoting initiatives of the President and the Administration
  • provide a central focus for Federal Participation in community affairs

These objectives are met through five mission themes:

  • Communication
  • Reduction of costs and improvement of efficiency
  • Facilitation of service delivery
  • Partnering with community groups
  • Coordination of emergency services