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Why: Healthy employees are happy employees and happy employees are productive employees; a healthy work-life balance promotes a reduction in employee tardiness and absence and reduces agency healthcare costs.

Mission: SoCal Feds Get Fit and the Greater Los Angeles Executive Board supports the creation of a community of healthy federal employees by offering a shared network of health and wellness services, including, but not limited to: fitness facilities, Federal Occupational Health units, weight management groups, nursing facilities for new mothers, cafeterias, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), and outlets for all health and wellness events taking place in the federal and local community

Who We Are:
Ray Brewer, Housing and Urban Development
Cynthia Castellon, U.S. Coast Guard
Kathrene Hansen, Federal Executive Board
Vince Legaspi, Bureau of Prisons
Robert Miller, General Services Administration
Ed Osuna, Defense Contract Audit Agency
Patrice R. Edwards - Passport Agency
Jeffrey Chao - Department of Labor/VETS
Kathie Morris - United States District Court
Stephanie Lee - Customs and Border Protection
Jessica Thomsen - Department of Veterans Affairs
Kanani Moriarty - Peace Corps

              Notice from Feds Get Fit on Events:

  • Free Zumba, Cardio Kick, and Yoga classes at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in los Angeles, CA.
            Space is limited so get there early.
            Day: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, various hours.
            Website: http://www.baldwinhillscrenshawplaza.com/info/bfit

  • 2014 FEB Feds Get Fit/YGL Basketball Tournament Results.
            1st Place - Social Security Administration - SSA All-Stars
            2nd Place - Customs and Border Protection (LAX) - Ball Don't Lie
            3rd Place - Transportation Security Administration (LAX) - Team Flight