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United States Executive Board Welcome to the Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board U.S. Government Official Website. Federal Executive Boards mission is to strengthen the management and administration of Federal activities and promote government wide management improvement; and encourage interagency cooperation with the objectives of improved intergovernmental coordination, cost reduction, and better services to the public. Boards improve internal management practices and communication, eliminate duplication of effort and provide a central focus for Federal participation in community affairs through liaison with officials of state and local governments and the private sector. FEBs are an efficient and effective force for progress. Similar to the President's Cabinet in our Nation's Capital, FEB membership becomes automatic and mandatory by virtue of the incumbent being the Senior agency official within the FEB's geographic boundaries. Unlike the Cabinet, membership is not limited to Department-level organizations. FEB activities and committees are not just for executives.

Calendared Events

  Glenn M. Anderson
  Federal Building
  501 W. Ocean Blvd., #3200
  Long Beach, CA 90802-4213
  (562) 435-2025,  FAX (562) 491-3074

  Executive Director
    Kathrene L. Hansen

  Staff Assistant
    RayNell Crawford

   Los Angeles CFC
   So Cal Fed get Fit
  Support Our Troops
  Unsung Heros - Federal Community Response 9-11-01
  Oklahoma City April 19, 1995
  Federal Aviation AdministrationU.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
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